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  • Shai Rudelman

WMS (Warehouse Managment System)

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) has become an important tool for businesses that need to store and distribute large amounts of goods. WMS are computerized systems used to control and manage the flow of products in and out of a warehouse. A WMS is designed to streamline the warehouse operation and make it more efficient.

The primary purpose of a WMS is to provide accurate and up-to-date tracking of goods and products. This allows the business to know where their products are located and how much is in stock. By using a WMS, businesses can reduce the amount of time and money they spend on inventory tracking and management.

A WMS also helps to improve warehouse organization and efficiency. It can be used to create an optimized storage layout, which makes it easier for staff to locate and pick items. WMS can also be used to set up automated processes that allow for the quick and accurate movement of goods from one location to another.

WMS can also help with the tracking of customer orders. By tracking customer orders, businesses can quickly determine when an order has been placed, how much inventory is available, and when the order is expected to be delivered. This helps to improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that orders are processed quickly and

At FBA In and Out, we are using a top-notch WMS. Extensiv allows our customers to log in and have access to the system 24/7. Check inventory, Process receipts for incoming shipments, enter orders, and much more.

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