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Prep Stick N' Go...

Barcode is an important serial number used by Amazon FBA to control stock. Each products needs to have the barcode before it can be entered into the Amazon stock system. FBA takes the stress off your shoulder.



  • We will label each item with its own unique barcode label

  • We can poly bag and bundle items for you where needed.

  • We can print and insert an Instruction or contact sheet into the items retail box.

Shipment Forwarding

If your products do not need any prep work and simply needs to be received and shipped on to an Amazon warehouse,


We provide the following services:

  • Products remain in original shipping cartons, we remove all shipping labels and barcodes and place an Amazon shipment label on shipping cartons and ship to Amazon.

  • Items that need to be repackaged (when no prep is required) for shipment to different Amazon warehouses or the consolidated shipping box.


For any other service, we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements with you and tailor a service to meet your business needs.

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