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Our goal is to provide exceptional service to all our clients, allowing you to focus on the sourcing of new products and private label opportunities - feeling reassured that our team will take care of the rest. Receiving to prepping and shipping, each product that passes through our warehouse is treated with the most professional care.

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Warehousing and Logistics services

Please contact us if you have any question or request

If you are used for a different method of pricing from another 3PL we can hear you out



We want to make it simple 

A fixed price per item (minimum of 10 items per SKU per shipment). The more you send the better price you get.


Up to 100 items per shipment $1.25 per item

201-500 items per shipment $1 per item

501-1,500 items per shipment $0.85 item

More than 1,500 items per shipment Call for a quote 


Our Prep price per item includes

Receive your shipment  and send you photos showing each box/envelope we received under your name directly to your WhatsApp (mobile app)

We will visually inspect and label each item with your FNSKU/UPC

If needed we will add Polybag with suffocation warnings, sticker covering or removal, adding a suffocation warning label to existing polybag if missing (included in the price).

We will send you a picture of a ready item after Prep.

Pack your items in their boxes and send you box information.

We will apply the shipping labels you send us to the cases and ship out with our daily UPS pickup.

You will get free storage for up to 14 days. 


Please take under you consideration

The minimum for perp is 10 items per SKU per shipment

Min monthly invoice, $50 (no service provided, no invoice you need to pay for)

This offer stands for standard size items

Not including glass or fragile items (please contact us for a quote)

Not including corrugated boxes

Not including bundle and multipack

Items of high market value will be priced separately

Bubble wrap additional $1 per item (up to 12”x24” per item)

If you have over 100 items per SKU per shipment we can also offer you to log into your account and handle your shipment to Amazon.


Other services

Studio photos for standard size item on a white background (no photoshop work), starting at $25 for up to 5 pictures per item.




Starting at $0.90 per cubic feet per month (+0.17% of goods value per month for insurance). Minimum charge $20 per pallet per month.

For instance 800 CFT to 1600 CFT of stackable pallets we can offer storage for $0.69 per cubic feet per month (+0.17% of goods value)

Call us to get a quote!

Renting shelve space starting at $20 per month, shelve up to 48"X24"X17" (up to 200 items) *items under 0.11 cubic feet, $0.10 per month (over 200 items).


$1.50 per standard case* for inbound or outbound**.

*Standard case is a case that is up to 2 CFT (0.056 CBM) and up to 25 LB (11.34 Kg)

Bigger or heavier cases than the standard will be priced at multiplications of $1.50 for the higher value (CFT or LB). for instance, a case that is 3.5 CFT that weights 25 LB the calculation is

3.5/2=1.75 > 25/15=1.67 so 1.77*$1=$1.75 per case

Inbound of sorted pallets (one item per pallet, no need to unpack and ready for storage), $10 per pallet and $1 per case on that pallet.


Palletizing fee: $25 per pallet (on top of outbound by case)



20" container $300 up to 150 standard cases*, for each case over 150 additional $0.50. Four styles segregate allowed (each additional type / FNSKU $25 more)

40" container $450 up to 225 standards cases*, for each case over 225 additional $0.50. Six styles segregate allowed (each additional type / FNSKU $25 more)



$1.50 per standard case*. A minimum of $15 per document for each kind of item (FNSKU/UPC) will be applied.

*Standard case is a case that is up to 2 CFT (0.056 CBM) and up to 25 LB (11.34 Kg)

Palletizing fee, $25 per pallet preparation (shrink-wrap included) additionally to per case charge.

The shipping cost is not included!



Fulfillment services (private website sellers, Shopify, Amazon FBM, eBay, etc.),


  • Receiving the shipment to our warehouse facility, each standard case or envelop $1.50.

  • Item count and arrangement starting at $0.49 per item.

  • Pick and Pack, starting at $2.50 per standard item (not including shipping box +$2 or bubble mailer +$0.50-$1.00 if required).

  • Pick & Pack

Average quantity per day per UPC/SKU (22 days per month)

Pick & Pack per item

1-10 items of each SKU/UPC per day, Pick & Pack for $2.50 each item

11-25 items of each SKU/UPC per day, Pick & Pack for $2.00 each item

26-50 items of each SKU/UPC per day, Pick & Pack for $1.50 each item

51 or more items of each SKU/UPC per day, Pick & Pack for $1.00 each item

Post /Courier cost, if under our account 25% plus on top of service provider cost. No additional charge If under a customer account

Optional: interfacing with your online selling platforms (such as Shopify, eBay, Amazon, seller’s website, and more). We can get your order information online directly to our system, pick and pack, and label it easily and efficiently.

Amazon customer returned items

Amazon Customer retuned items

You have can send us your Amazon customer returned item for inspection, learn why your items are being returned, you might be able to get credit from Amazon and have some items back on sale. 

For each box or envelop receiving $1.50

Inspection starting at $5 per item

Box outbound $1.50 per box (including applying the shipping labels you will send us and forwarding to our daily pickup of UPS).

If a pallet is required for shipping out, there is an additional charge of $25 per pallet.



Are you looking for a Third Party Logistics Center and have special requirements, please share your specific needs with us and we will try to support your business.

Payment Options

PayPal (fees to be covered by the customer)

Credit Card (fees to be covered by the customer)

Payoneer (a minimum of $50, no fees to Payoneer account holders)

Wire Transfer (fixed fee of $16 to be covered by the customer)

Check (no fees apply)


For any other service, we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements with you and tailor a service to meet your business needs.


Quality of Service Guaranteed!
We are committed to giving you the best service while offering competitive prices. Just contact us for more information.