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Warehousing and Logistics services

Please contact us if you have any questions or requests

If you are accustomed to a different method of pricing from another 3PL, please let us know and we will try to accommodate



Pallets unloading 20'/40'               $100.00/$200.00

20' Container unloading            $250.00 (base rate)

40' Container unloading            $350.00 (base rate)

Carton Palletizing                               $0.50/Carton

Pallet Receiving                                          $15.00

Box count (Sorted Pallet)                               $1.20

Pallet sorting                                      $2.00/carton

LTL/FTL Unloading                             $0.80/Carton

Carton receiving                                           $2.50


Carton outbound                                         $2.50

Pallet prep and handling                             $25.00

Computer order processing fee              $5.00/ASIN

Cross-Docking (as is/no storage)         $30.00/Pallet

Cross-Docking (pallet rebuilt)             $50.00/Pallet


We offer storage for short or for long periods of time.

Storage is either by pallet or by Cubic Feet. There is also an option to store on Shelves.

Our rates are based on volume. Please contact us for more information.


Pick & Pack                                                               $2.50

Small Polymailer                                                          Free

Big Polymailer                                                           $0.65

Bubble mailer Small/Big                                    $0.50/$1.00

Amazon Customer retuned items

Priced per project, please reach out and provide more information and we will provide you with a quote


Contact us for more information

Payment Options

PayPal (fees to be covered by the customer)

Credit Card (fees to be covered by the customer)

Payoneer (a minimum of $50, 1%)

ACH/Wire Transfer (no payment fees)

Check (no payment fees)


For any other service, we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements with you and tailor a service to meet your business needs.


Quality of Service Guaranteed!
We are committed to giving you the best service while offering competitive prices. Just contact us for more information.


Are you looking for a Third Party Logistics Center and have special requirements, please share your specific needs with us and we will try to support your business.

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